Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cherry Tomato Appetizers

I like rich and buttery appetizers, but my waistline does not. So I'm continually trying out new ways of delicious healthy bites. This is one I'm working on. It's okay as is, but I've thought of a few ways to kick it up a little.

Cherry Tomato Appetizers

Cherry tomatoes
Fresh mozzarella balls (bocconcino)
Basil Pesto (I make mine in the summer and freeze it in small containers. It keeps beautifully and tastes like a bit of summer in the dead of winter)
Fresh basil
Freshly ground pepper

Slice tops off cherry tomatoes, then hollow out, being careful not to tear through the skin. A melon baller works wonderfully for this. Turn the tomatoes upside down on a clean tea towel or a couple of thicknesses of paper towel. (A tea towel is greener, paper towel means you can throw it away) Drain for a couple of hours. Also drain the bocconcino.
Spoon a small amount of pesto into the bottom of the cherry tomatoes. Fill with bocconcino, then sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and minced fresh basil.

You can tell from the photo that no pepper was used in the preparation of the tomatoes, and I thought they were a little flat. I might add some salt next time, too, since the cheese is fresh and unsalted. But would that take away from the fresh flavour? If I find out, I'll amend the recipe.
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